• 33 Lessons

    Andris’ Skills N’ Drills

    It’s time to stop shrimping and start focusing on essential drills. Improve timing, sharpen your skill and effortlessly transition from one position to the next with Andris Brunovskis’ Skills & Drills.

    In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively drill techniques so that you can spend less time thinking and more time flexing your quick as lightening attacks and counters 


  • 26 Lessons

    Gravedigger Passing System

    If your opponent isn’t in immense discomfort when you’re passing guard, you’re doing something wrong.

    Join IBJJF Asian Open and Pan Pacific champion Andris Brunovskis and master the secrets to pulverizing your opponent as you pass their guard.

  • 11 Lessons


    Lapelopalooza is Andris' lapel magnus opus. His attempt at capturing, teaching and sharing his take on the intricacies of the lapel guard. This course has one of America's top lapel scholars take you on a journey through the worm basics and classics. But make no mistake... there's some stuff in here you've never seen. Or even thought of. It is also tied together into a system. Invest.

  • 43 Lessons


    Master one of jiu jitsu’s greatest weapons for controlling and submitting larger and stronger opponents with as little effort as possible, brought to you by the Latvian Sniper himself, Andris Brunovskis.