• 29 Lessons

    50/50 Manual

    In this course, Victor will reveal the openings and opportunities 50/50 guard provides so that you can drag your training partners and competition nemeses into a world they've never experienced.

  • 33 Lessons

    Andris’ Skills & Drills

    Improve timing, sharpen your skill and effortlessly transition from one position to the next with Andris Brunovskis’ Drills and Skills.


  • 38 Lessons

    De La X Gon’ Give It To Ya

    This course is appropriate for all levels (although some familiarity with the De la Riva and/or X-Guard will give you a boost) and for all body types. Let JT teach you how to pull your opponents into a web of destruction. 

  • 37 Lessons

    Reverse Kimura: Closed Guard

    The reverse kimura might sound like just another fancy submission, but don’t let the name fool you, this is not just another finisher, it’s a full guide to dominating your opponent from closed guard. Once you slap on the reverse kimura grip, a whole world of unusual, nasty submissions, sweeps, and transitions to powerful positions will open up. Do you want to step up your closed guard game? This course is a must-have for your Jiu Jitsu X library.

  • 25 Lessons

    Reverse Kimura: Half Guard

    Just like inside Drew’s Reverse Kimura from Closed Guard course, you will learn how the reverse kimura grip can be your power tool to make your half guard a place where YOU get to attack and dominate from. The reverse kimura grip from half guard is more than just a one-trick pony submission, it is a form of control that will offer you sweeps, back takes, and more dominant positions, all from bottom half guard. Do you want to step up your half guard game? This course is a must-have for your Jiu Jitsu X library.

  • 31 Lessons

    The Guardian

    Inside this course, Michael gives you full access to his jiu jitsu mind. Work your way through the chapters and get a deep understanding of how to dominate any opponent using double sleeve grips, shallow lasso with collar grip, and Michael’s unique x-guard.

  • 37 Lessons

    THE Berimbolo

    Paulo gives you all the tools needed to turn your berimbolo into an indestructible weapon. Includes; key details, perfectly timing your inversion and how to smoothly attack the berimbolo from start to finish regardless of what way your opponent may counter with.

  • 34 Lessons

    Lord of the Half Guard

    Transform your opponent's best passing position into your ticket to winning gold by becoming a lord of the half guard with Jake Mackenzie.

  • 19 Lessons

    Layers of Guard

  • 166 Lessons

    Keenan’s Lapel Encyclopedia

    Learn Keenan's complete lapel guard jiu jitsu system that has been proven effective at the highest level of competition.

  • 74 Lessons

    Playing Open Guard

    Join Keenan as he reveals his secrets to an un-passable guard. Expand your open guard playing field, from timeless classics to more "modern" jiu jitsu guards.

  • 24 Lessons

    You Shall Not Pass

    Say goodbye to having your guard passed with this never-ending get out of jail free card. This isn’t about stopping your opponent from passing your guard; this is about taking that option completely off the table.  Join IBJJF European Champion, Pan American Champion, and 3 x World Champion Gabriel Arges as he reveals the secrets to the unsolvable equation that is his guard.

  • 33 Lessons

    Big Man Flow

    Victor Hugo is 12-0 in 2020, he has proven himself to be the gi P4P #1. This is the first time you can learn his philosophy and what makes him successful. That should be all you need to know.

  • 20 Lessons

    Keenan’s Closed Guard Course

    The closed guard is still very effective and efficient, all you have to do is understand it better than the person trying to get out of it. If you suffer from the condition known as closedguardis suckis, then you should know that the doctor is prescribing this course. 

  • 48 Lessons

    Tactical Single Leg X

    After watching this course, you'll be equipped with everything you need to know to master the single leg x position, brought to you by Conner Deangelis who reveals all his competition tested strategies and secrets to help you do so. 

  • 10 Lessons

    Proto Guard – An Infinite Loop System

    Proto guard is a unique creation. It is not just a guard, it is a closed-loop system. From sweeps to guard passes to back control. We're honoring the promise to keep it exclusive to Keenan Online Yearly Members.

  • 21 Lessons

    Half Guard / Half Machine

    In this course, Keenan will show you the exact way in which to destroy your opponents from half guard by mastering this guard regardless of your body type, age or athleticism.