Hulk Stance

Shut down your opponent's guard and erase their a-game with Lucas Barbosa's Hulk Stance.

Lucas Barbosa · October 18, 2020

Can’t pass guard because your opponents are always one step ahead of you?

Does this sound familiar?… You own all the latest guard passing instructionals, you’ve paid for privates from that black belt in the gym who’s a pressure passing machine, and you’ve consumed all the torreando, leg dragging content there is on YouTube. And you still suck at passing guard.

What can you expect in the Hulk Stance course?

Fact: it is impossible to hit an effective pass when you’re busy fighting to defend your opponent’s attacks.

Every journey begins by taking that first step forward. However, if you allow your opponent to constantly attack you with sweeps and submission attempts or let them transition into more dangerous guards, not only will that first step forward never happen… you’ll actually be walking backward. But…

What if there were a guaranteed way to shut down your opponent’s attacks as you engaged their guard?

You see, being an expert at passing guard isn’t about giving your opponent a fair chance. The truth is, expert guard passing is about approaching positions in a way that handicaps your opponent and practically guarantees you the pass.  No matter how strong or flexible they are or how hard they fight back.

Join IBJJF Gi & Nogi World Champion, Pan Am Champion, European Champion, Asian Open Champion & ADCC Bronze Medalist Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa...

…and learn the secrets to initiating a world-beating passing game.

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Hulk Stance