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16-1 Introduction To The Demi Guard

Keenan Cornelius March 31, 2021
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The Demi Guard fills an important gap within Keenan’s lapel system.  

In 2019, worm wrestling was created as a way to punish opponents who insisted on backing away from the quicksand that is the lapel guard.

But now, when people see the threat of worm wrestling, they tend to switch direction and pressure forward in an attempt to stop the lapel player from coming up to their feet. 

The problem here is, once a lapel player has committed to worm wrestling, removing their foot from the wormhole, reengaging with a lapel guard isn’t always possible. 

Enter the Demi Guard. 

This new addition to the lapel game is the antidote to pressure passers, and the more pressure they apply, the easier it is to make them pay. 

Are you ready to enter the anti-pressure chamber?