Lapelopalooza is Andris' lapel magnus opus. His attempt at capturing, teaching and sharing his take on the intricacies of the lapel guard. This course has one of America's top lapel scholars take you on a journey through the worm basics and classics. But make no mistake... there's some stuff in here you've never seen. Or even thought of. It is also tied together into a system. Invest.

Andris Brunovskis · December 24, 2020

Do You Feel Vulnerable When Trying To Set Up Your Lapel Entanglements?

Here’s the thing, at this stage, you’ve probably played around with lapel guards or at the very least got a taste of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of worm guard, reverse de la worm, and so on. You’re smart and know that lapel guards are evolving and you want to evolve with them because who wants to get left behind right?

What can you expect in the course?

The Setup Is Everything.

Just because you have a lapel end in your hand doesn’t mean you’ll stop your opponent from destroying your guard and brutally cross choking you from mount. The lapel is only as sharp as your mind allows it to be. With that being said… we present to you Andris’ take on his favorite lapel guards and submissions.

Meet Your Instructor, Andris Brunovskis.

Through this course, you will learn from someone who’s been closely watching Keenan’s lapel guard evolution from the very beginning. Andris (born in Latvia and forged on American mats) has been exposed to the worm light from the early days of its existence by training with worm lord Mr. Cornelius, since then, Andris molded it to his own unique game and he’s here to show all of his favorite techniques including two other lapel works of art you might not be familiar with…

Canero Guard & The Latvian Handcuff.

Canero guard is pretty much your lapel shark biting around your opponent’s ankle. Andris will show you how to incorporate the canero guard with other more common guards and how to do damage from there. 

The Latvian handcuff, in short, is Andris’ way of forcing his opponents to fight him with only one hand while the trapped hand is at risk of getting wrist locked. Triangle and omoplata submissions included.

Andris Brunovskis Jiu Jitsu X

Lapelapalooza Breakdown.

Once you’re in these lapel systems, you can take your time. It’s all about establishing the position and Andris explains this concept very well throughout this experience. Lapelapalooza contains 8 chapters. As you work your way through, the Latvian sniper will take you on a journey starting from the very white belt mode to pro-level lapel player. 

Chapter 1: Traditional Worm

Chapter 2: De La Worm X

Chapter 3: Reverse De La Worm

Chapter 4: Belt Worm

Chapter 5: Single Leg X Worm

⚡Chapter 6: Canero Guard⚡

⚡Chapter 7: Latvian Handcuff⚡

Chapter 8: Lapel Lasso

Enroll in Andris Brunovskis’ Lapelapalooza now and learn how you can turn your lapels and your opponent’s lapels into your biggest weapons on the mat.

Lapelapalooza: FLOWCHART

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