Major Outer Reaper

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The Osoto Gari (translated to Major Outer Reap) is a staple judo throw. You can find footage of it being performed in the dojos of Japan dating back a hundred years. It is a timeless technique, used constantly in judo competition. However, in submission grappling, kids seem to pick it up and use it faster than adults. The reason likely lies in the lack of time dedicated to stand-up techniques in most jiu-jitsu academies.

In this course, I aim to use my knowledge as a judo and jiu jitsu black belt to add this weapon of a throw to your arsenal. I`ve meticulously structured this course to progress from the basic principles to advanced combinations, while not forgetting about nogi, complete beginners and even self-defense.

The basic principle behind the Osoto Gari is simple: Pull your opponent`s weight so that he`s standing on one leg and then chop that leg away. My goal for this course is equally clear and simple. After watching this and practicing the osoto, you WILL hit this LIVE or I will personally give you your money back. – Miha Perhavec, Course Author & Jiu Jitsu X co-founder

Target Audience

  • Judo enthusiasts
  • Those who don't feel confident in their stand up game
  • Grapplers who want to intimidate their opponent with takedowns
  • For those who want to use judo for self defense

Topics for this course

37 Lessons

Osoto Gari Basics

Pure Judo Osoto Gari

Osoto Gari For Jiu Jitsu

Combinations, Entries and Counters

Nogi Osoto Gari

Self Defense Osoto Gari For The Streets

For Super White Belt Beginners

How To Use The Drilling Programs

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Great instruction and a very fun course. I was able to hit an osoto gari in class before even fully finishing the course just based on the first half.

Good course, look forward to throwing guys with osto gari

Amazing course! My standup is pretty horrible, so a course like this that takes the guesswork out is huge

Honestly to God this is the best video I’ve gotten in a long time. Well, this and his inner reaper video. It gives you a ton of confidence in your stand up game. Not too many people at my gym see these take downs very often. I am not good and I started hitting these immediately. Especially the inner reaper. I could not recommend this tutorial enough. Well done

This course is fantastic! I started hitting the Osoto Gari on some good opponents within a couple of weeks of watching the course. It is now my go-to takedown.

This course is gold!

This was one of the first moves I learned when I joined the Marine Corps years ago and of course when I started BJJ I wanted so bad to land it on someone because it basically leads right into attacking the back. But I`ve never been able to land it until now.

Miha`s a great instructor with a sense of humor. The course is broken up in digestible pieces that I`ve been watching in little pieces throughout the day. I also have Travis Steven`s course and while that`s also a good course if you`re trying to experience all the drills it takes to be an Olympian, if you just want to launch your siblings (and your training partners) into tomorrow, Miha`s course will get you there much faster.

This course has it all! Gi, Nogi and self defense all laid out in great detail that`s accessible for all levels.
Miha is a top notch instructor and comical.
This course is an absolute steal and shouldn`t be passed over.
Can`t wait for more!

Eastern European Comedy + A Deadly systems approach to Bury your foes 6 feet beneath the mat. Have you ever played Street Fighter II and the computer would just walk up effortlessly throwing you with perfect timing and you’d sit there chucking your controller to floor while shouting “That’s Cheating!!!!” That’s what this course would make you feel like...cheating. But what if it told you it’s actually legal.

After watching this course, you would walk amongst your daily life but with a Terminator like HUD. Identifying every opportunity to osoto the mortals amongst you. Kids, Grandma, Bears? No one is safe.

On a more technical note. Miha approaches entries, gi/nogi, combos, and what if situations that upgrade anyones stand up game. Even on an MMA arena, the applications of Miha’s approach to osoto gari blends well. If you take the Miha’s Major Reap course, you would immediately Reap the benefits of the souls you take.

I used to train with Miha when he was still living in Slovenia. I was at the start of my jiu jitsu journey so needless to say I neded some extra help and instructions and Miha provided that for me. His advice and instructions were always simple, clear and consice. That skill of his is manifested in his o soto gari course on the jiujitsux page.
The course is well structured and covers everything from basics to self defense applications which is in my opinion important especially if you are a beginner. And what I also like about this course is that Miha points out some differences in applying o soto gari in judo and jiu jitsu.
If you are a jiu jitsu practitioner and want to learn to apply o soto gari in a tournament or sparring I highly recommend this course. Or even if you don`t want to take someone down in jiu jitsu sparring or tournaments and potentialy score two points and end up in an advantageous position which can win you the match because you pull guard at least learn how to take someone down in a self defense situation with o soto gari because it is a really really useful and aplicable throw.

I bodied someone with a counter osoto today, not even a week after I bought the course. The instructional is thorough and concise and covers multiple contexts for the throw. Bargain at any price, but a freaking steal at $39.

I haven`t hit the osoto gari, YET. But I did binge watch this course & all I have to say is the guy did not lie. It`s really well structured and I`m confident someone`s going flying the next time we`re rolling from standing. Will try the drilling programs just in case. I look forward to Meha`s next course

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Osoto Gari Basic
  • Pure Judo Osoto Gari
  • How To Modify The Osoto Gari For Jiu Jitsu
  • Combinations, Entries and Counters
  • Osoto Gari For No-Gi
  • Using The Osoto Gari For Self Defense
  • How To Drill The Osoto Gari

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