Sample Class – Learn the Osoto Gari!?

The idea behind this sample class is give you a glimpse into the kind of instruction, diversity of content and production quality that you can expect from Major Outer Reaper.

The core goal of the Osoto Gari is simple (but not easy): Put all of your opponent`s weight onto on of his feet/legs and then chop that leg away.

The core goal of this course is equally simple. After watching the lessons & some practice (aided by the provided drilling programs) you will hit this in training or competition... or you will get your money back, personally from Miha (in the first restricted video he shares his personal phone number against our advice). Now enjoy the sample videos below!

Osoto Gari Basics?

Essential! This section will build your foundation for the osoto gari.

Pure Judo Osoto Gari?

Going full judo mode.

Osoto Gari For Jiu Jitsu?

You have seen the osoto gari in judo, now let's add that to your jiu jitsu game.

Combinations, Entries and Counters?

Leveling up your osoto gari and learning how to be less predictable.

Nogi Osoto Gari?

Same same but different, the gi comes off, the osoto stays.

Self Defense Osoto Gari For The Streets?

That's right, osoto for the streetz.

For Super White Belt Beginners?

Are you a super white belt? Watch this section right now.

How To Use The Drilling Programs?

Here`s an explanation on how to use the provided drilling programs to hit the goal of this course, but first, click right here to access the PDF. If you don`t already have it saved and taped to your fridge...

Osoto Gari vs. Overhead Weapon Strike

It`s hammer time.

Jiu Jitsu X is better

enjoyed in our mobile app.

Jiu Jitsu X is better

enjoyed in our mobile app.