This course is all about top control. It`s about getting on top and staying on top. Expect to learn about everything that happens after the guard pass. Side control, knee on belly, north-south, and of course mount concepts and techniques. You will also learn escapes. This is where you start your journey towards peak form.

Join Keenan as he equips you with all the tools to secure the mount, control, and defend this position so that you’re prepared for everything.

Target Audience

  • For those who struggle to control their opponent after the guard pass
  • For those who get stuck in side control and struggle to advance further
  • For those who are unsure of how to submit their opponent from mount and side control

Topics for this course

41 Lessons

Side Control Fundamentals

Side Control Armlocks

Side Control Chokes

North South

Scarf Hold/ Kesa Gatame

Submissions From Mount


About the instructors

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Excellent especially the little details like holding someone's head off the mat to prevent them from hip bumping

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What Will I Learn?

  • How To Get On Top & Stay On Top
  • How To Control Your Opponent After The Guard Pass
  • Side Control Fundamentals, Armlocks & Chokes
  • The North South Position
  • Mount Positions

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Jiu Jitsu X is better

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