No-Gi Seated Guard Manifesto

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Do you feel helpless playing from the bottom in no-gi? As you probably noticed, unlike rolling in the gi, there are no collars, sleeves, or lapels to grab… and every time you grip your opponent’s wrist, they just slip out like an armbar soap after the first hit of moisture. What are you even meant to do? How do people play guard in nogi and what kind of dark magic is that?

Learning How To Play No-Gi Seated Guard… One Lesson At A Time.

Inside this course, professional no-gi athlete and instructor Nick Ronan teaches you how to build up to having an impassable guard by always keeping your opponent on the back foot, defending your off balances and leglock attacks. How can your opponent even think about passing your guard when they’re forced to constantly defend all the missiles you’re firing at them? The answer is simple… they can’t. (Did we just give away the first lesson?)

Target Audience

  • For people new to no-gi jiu jitsu
  • For experienced players looking for new tricks from bottom
  • For people who want to learn heel hooks
  • For people who want to pass the seated guard (you gotta know it to defend it)

Course curriculum

38 Lessons



Gripping Your Opponent



Heel Hooks


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5.00 (3 ratings)

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Nick Ronan is a great athlete and an even better coach, his push pull dilemma has helped me engage with opponents who do their best to avoid engaging with me in competition, this is a must buy if you struggle with playing guard and want to develop a more aggressive style

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What Will I Learn?

  • Fundamentals of playing guard in no-gi
  • How to grip your opponent in no-gi
  • How to sweep your opponent
  • How to deal with possible counters a skilled opponent might try
  • Threatening your opponent with sweeps and heel hooks