Open Your Mind, Close Your Guard

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If you’ve been to a few tournaments as of recently, you’ll notice that closed guard is TRENDING. The old ways are back. More and more people are opening their minds and closing their guards. 

Arther “Zuka” Chandramohan brings you his instructional “ Open Your Mind, Close Your Guard” where every single question you may have about closed guard, is answered. 

This is the ultimate closed guard textbook

Learn how to enter the closed guard, sweep and attack, and most importantly counter all your opponents’ reactions and defenses. 

Closed guard equalizes the playing field. 

Enroll today and start trapping cartwheeling, athletic opponents into a sick closed guard. They’re never escaping what awaits from there.

Target Audience

  • Not as athletic as your opponents? This is for you.
  • For those looking for a reliable guard system that’s both easy and efficient.
  • Beginners
  • Masters practitioners.

Topics for this course

37 Lessons


Closed Guard Entries

101 Attacks From Closed Guard

Common Counters

Sweeps From Closed Guard

More Attacks & Sweeps From Closed Guard


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About the instructors

“I Skipped 3 Lectures Back to Back to Watch this Course and it was

Completely Worth it”. - Student Review


This is a real five star review from a student of Arther Zuka’s course here on Jiu Jitsu X: Open Your Mind, Close Your Guard


While we can’t be responsible for any important obligations you may miss in the rabid consumption of Arther’s techniques, we think this person’s experience speaks volumes to the kind of instructor he is. 


Online Jiu Jitsu Instruction that Doesn’t Bore You to Death

Before You Can Learn Anything from It ?!


That might seem a bit dramatic, but we’ve all been there. You buy an instructional eager to learn this technique or that, and you can barely make it through the first video.


Your ears scream for escape from the monotoned drone you’ve subjected them to. And you just can’t do it. You spent the money so you tell yourself you’ll try to watch it again later, but you never do. 


Arther Zuka is not that instructor. In fact, one happy student wrote “this guy combines detailed and memorable explanations with stomach cramping humor”


Another wrote “Not a “low talker” like certain other jiu jitsu coaches… The instruction is very technical and detailed, but laid out and articulated in a way that is easy to understand and practical in identifying the key points, as well as common problems and counters”.


Recorded Content That Feels Like a Private Lesson


The guy teaches a lot (like at four different gyms throughout the week a lot), and his charisma and style jump right through the screen. 


His enthusiasm for teaching almost certainly comes from his natural eagerness to continue learning, which is what made him fall in love with jiu jitsu in the first place. 


He began at the young age of fourteen, and in time worked his way into the adult class. This is where he first experienced the abundance of available information in jiu jitsu. He experienced both wins and losses early on and used both as learning opportunities. 


Techniques that Help You Realize Your Own Self-Imposed Limits, And Break Them


Zuka’s early wins, especially in absolute categories, were essential. They were “the start of the development of [his] self-confidence and belief in technique conquering strength, speed, or size”. 


It’s obvious that Arther has carried this lesson into the way he teaches students. One observed:


Being a smaller female student, I often feel very flustered and scared when sparring with bigger opponents. There have been times in which I felt the sport wasn't for me. As [Arther] also spars with opponents who are 50-60lbs heavier than him, I feel like he has a good understanding of how overwhelming size difference can be. His belief that technique will conquer power shows in his eagerness to help me troubleshoot scenarios, providing me with options to counter these obstacles with technique.”


A Scientific Approach for Every Body


Arther’s other passion lies in nursing, for which he achieved a degree from York University in 2014. The guy really enjoys helping people


As a student of science, it makes sense that his approach to learning and teaching jiu jitsu is also methodical and well-tested. 


He develops programs specified for large classes, classes just for female students, private lessons, and of course - online content. This is true of his Open Your Mind, Close Your Guard course here on Jiu Jitsu X, where you can expect to learn: 

  • Closed guard entries

  • Attacks from closed guard

  • Common counters

  • Sweeps from closed guard


More importantly, you can expect to be taught this information in a way that applies to and works for you


Arther teaches typical jiu jitsu students, but also loves to focus on older practitioners, women who are unsure of entering the training environment, and people who struggle with mobility or flexibility. 


As another student says, “check out the free preview and you’ll be hooked!”.

5.00 (13 ratings)

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Blown away by the level of nuance in Arther's details and his understanding of the position in the modern climate of competitive jiu jitsu. A must have for anyone looking to develop a strong guard game to bridge the athletic gap between nerd and d1 wrestler Boi. Highly recommended.

Solid instructions and a must have for the closed guard arsenal. Worth every penny!

I'm a person who does not play a lot of close guard but that's the great thing about this platform since it gives us the chance to come across instructors like Arthur. After watching the free lessons listening and watching how Arthur breaks down the techniques this ended up being a must instructional to add to my arsenal. This is a must grab if you're looking to excel in your close guard game.

This is a must have instructional set! Us older guys need to make sure we control the range and encounter. The techniques and concepts are communicated clearly and concisely. Arthur is among the best teachers I've encountered in 23 years of martial arts.

5 stars - great value!
I am a white belt who has watched endless hours of online courses, and Open Your Mind is easily among the best and most useful.
Arther is probably the single best martial arts communicator I have seen. Not a “low talker” like certain other jiu jitsu coaches…
The instruction is very technical and detailed, but laid out and articulated in a way that is easy to understand and practical in identifying the key points, as well as common problems and counters.
If you’re not super athletic or flexible, this is for you. You’ll be able to apply these lessons to your game right away.
Bonus - in a sport full of people who take themselves too seriously, Arther makes it fun and engaging with a great sense of humour.
Highly recommended! Check out the free preview and you’ll be hooked.

This guy combines detailed and memorable explainations with stomach cramping humour in this practical collection of close-guard techniques. I bought this to help me develop a gameplan and I'm quickly putting together those missing pieces in my game. The app format is a convenient way to review techniques before applying in rolling.

Solid 10/10. Skipped 3 lectures back to back to watch this course and it was completely worth it. Arther has been killing it since day one and his accomplishments speak for themselves. Course is well organized and each technique is broken down beautifully. Also, if you think his closed guard is good, wait till you see his open guard. Get this course if your closed guard sucks (which it probably does). OSssoSSss

Arther is a natural communicator who conveys helpful information in an engaging format with these lessons. His skills and experience are evident throughout and these videos provide useful strategies for all learners. I am excited to try these lessons out in person and highly recommend. Thanks for the course and looking forward to more.

Arther is a phenomenal teacher with a Passion for BJJ the translates into all his students. His emphasis on precision and also safety helps one achieve not only short-term success but also long-term longevity in the jujitsu world. I highly recommend this course and also, if you’re ever in the Toronto area, please visit one of Arther‘s classes. You won’t be disappointed!

Knowledgeable, Passionate, Articulate. What more can you ask for. This is the coach to learn from.

Arther is well spoken and breaks things down in a way that even a white belt like myself can understand. I've hit quite a few of these moves in rolling already thanks to this course. 5/5 highly recommend!

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Entering the closed guard from different situations
  • Sweeps From Closed Guard
  • Submissions From Closed Guard
  • Countering Opponents’ Reactions and Defenses

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