Unstoppable Tomoe Nage

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Getting comfortable on your feet tends to require a lot of time and effort. We all want that quick fix that’ll make us doubt ourselves less when it comes to taking our opponent down. 

Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes HOWEVER, we do have courses from our sambo and wrestling extraordinaire Vlad Koulikov. 

In his latest course “Unstoppable Tomoe Nage”, Vlad shows you how to hit the tomoe nage throw with ease and efficiency. 

Discover vital gripping and foot placement details. Find out how to set up this classic throw, as well as multiple variations of the tomoe nage that can be easily implemented into your game. Also included are set ups from guard and much much more. 

Enroll today and step up your stand-up game by getting more comfortable on your feet.

Target Audience

  • Those looking for a simple and efficient takedown system
  • Those who want to dominate on the feet
  • Those who want to start their match on top of the scoreboard

Topics for this course

16 Lessons


Standard Tomoe Nage Set Up

Tomoe Nage Variations

Tomoe Nage From Guard

About the instructors

Started with Sambo Wrestling in 1984. Achieved “Master Of Sport” rank. Black belt in Judo. Black belt in BJJ under Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa. Owner of Koulikov Grappling Academy.
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What Will I Learn?

  • Tomoe nage setups
  • Tomoe nage variations
  • Tomoe nage from guard
  • Key details and fundamentals

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