Is it easier to hold onto a stick of butter than it is to hold your guard? Picture this: You hear the referee say “combate” and with a movement of their hand they signal the start of the match.
You take this as your cue to get your grips and pull guard. But, as soon as you sit on the mat, your opponent breaks your grips, and boom – panic sets in. Let’s face it, that moment when you realize you’re losing your guard is scary AF. Just like a car crash, everything starts to move in slow motion as you sit there defenseless, gripless, and one second away from giving your opponent the easiest guard pass they’ve ever had. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Know exactly what to do before your opponent does. What if you could carry with you a proven field guide for retaining guard that held the secrets of one of jiu jitsu’s most notorious guard players? Someone who was known for having an impassable guard? Say goodbye to having your guard passed with this never-ending get-out-of-jail-free card. This isn’t about stopping your opponent from passing your guard; this is about taking that option completely off the table.  Join IBJJF European Champion, Pan American Champion, and 3 x World Champion Gabriel Arges as he reveals the secrets to the unsolvable equation that is his guard.

Target Audience

  • For Those Who Struggle To Recover Their Guard
  • For People Who Want To Transition From One Guard To Another Smoothly

Course curriculum

24 Lessons

Introduction To You Shall Not Pass

Weapons of Guard Retention

Losing Spider Guard

Losing the De la Riva

Losing Half Guard

What To Do When You`re Getting Stacked or Smashed?

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Well I`ll say this what the instructor teaches works. While i`m a lowly white belt going on 1.5 years of studying I will say after drilling the techniques I had a pretty proud moment when I last rolled. No one, blue and purple belts included, were able to get past my guard. I felt pretty good. Just having the break down of how to hold onto my guard and how to properly frame and roll into position were very helpful.

Is this video for you? maybe I`m not you I have no idea but if you want to tighten up your defense then I would say at least give the preview videos a look..

Gabriel’s teaching is excellent! I have already found it has improved my game. Highly recommended 👍🏻

Gabriel gives very good and clear explanation of each technique. He provides you with many options from every position you can imagine. This is truly one of the best guard retention courses you will find.

Gabriel explained things really well. Showing the techniques at multiple angles and saying it differently just a bit each time so hopefully one way clicks with the student.



What Will I Learn?

  • Get a better understanding of how to play guard.
  • Learn how to retain your guard for longer against higher belts.
  • Learn how to turn bad positions into good.
  • Combining escapes and transitioning to safe guards.

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The Nogi Butterfly Effect by Gabe Tuttle is now live with free lessons inside.