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What Lapel Encyclopedia related question can we help you with?

We recently migrated all Lapel Encyclopedia accounts from to Jiu Jitsu X. That means that your account was created on JJX for you and you were given access to the Lapel Encyclopedia.

If you haven’t received an email with your JJX login details and you bought the LE through, email us ( and we will resend you your JJX login details. 

If you created your JJX account by yourself, bought the LE in the past but can’t find it under your courses – email us ( and we will add it in there for you. Just make sure to leave the email address with which you purchased the Lapel Encyclopedia in the past. 

The currently existing LE app is connected to the site. Meaning, if you purchased the LE through JJX you didn’t automatically get access to the existing LE app.

The Jiu Jitsu X mobile app is very close to being launched, but you can get access to the old LE app in the meantime if you want to. Email us ( and our customer service reps will sort that out for you. 

The Lapel Encyclopedia is a one time purchase – meaning you buy it once and you get lifetime access to it and all it’s future updates. 

If it’s showing as a subscription in your account, don’t worry. You will not get charged again for it, it’s just how it temporarily shows up in your account dashboard. We’re working on removing that so that it’s not confusing. 

The Lapel Encyclopedia is digital, you can watch it online through the website. You’ll also be able to download it to your device once the JJX mobile app is released. 

There used to be physical DVDs of the Lapel Encyclopedia, but they are not available anymore. 

If you have a Lapel Encyclopedia related question not answered here simply email us ( and we’ll help you out!

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