Post-purchase related questions

What post-purchase question can we help you with?

You’ll be able to find the course you purchased under the “my courses” tab on JJX. Simply log into your account  and click on the tab that says My courses.

Click here for a ste-by-step tutorial on how to find the my courses tab if you’re having trouble. 

You should’ve received an email with your login details from, if you don’t know your credentials email us ( and let us know which email address you used to purchase the course. We’ll quickly ensure you have your log in details and can watch the content you purchased. 

The videos are streamed on the website, so you can watch them directly on Jiu Jitsu X and track your progress by marking the watched videos as complete.

The JJX mobile app will be released and available soon (ETA March), which will enable you to download the videos to your device and cast them to your TV. 

At the moment, the most reliable way that works every time is by connecting your PC and TV with an HDMI cable. 

We’re currently making other tutorials on how to stream the videos to your TV, they will be up shortly.

Also, casting will be made simple once the mobile app is released. You will be able to stream directly from your phone to your TV. 

Jiu Jitsu X is not sending out physical DVDs, all the content is available online through the website. 

When the mobile app is released (ETA March) the videos will also be downloadable directly to your device.

We do have a money back guarantee – click here to access it. 

If you have a post purchase related question not answered here simply email us ( and our customer service reps will help you out asap!


  1. Hey,

    I submitted a review do they upload automatically or are they reviewed internally first? Just trying to work out whether there was an issue uploading my end.

    1. Hey Ben, we’re going to change the review process pretty soon, but currently, they are pending until approved (to prevent spam bots). It’s posted now, thank you very much for leaving it!

  2. Hey,
    I ordered Miha’s New instructional along with the Anubis guard. I was charged for both, but now I can’t access Miha’s course. It was so weird, I started it, but then it restricted my access. Can you please help restore access to the course?
    Thank you! Love this site and the courses!
    Best regards,

    1. Hey David,
      That is really, really odd. I checked and I can see the progress you made through the course and I have no idea why you lost access. Luckily I have a vested interest in this matter, so I manually added access to the course. We’ll investigate to see what happened! Thanks for letting us know. Oss, -Miha

    1. Hey Gerard,
      Which particular course is this happening on, and is it the same for both courses you own? Can you try clearing your cache on your device and then let me know if you’ll continue having trouble?

      If the issues will persist, can you let me know what device and browser this is happening on? I’ll have our developer try to troubleshoot this asap!

    1. Hey Joe, you’ll be able to post reviews by clicking on the “shop” button, and then clicking on the course you want to review. If you scroll down where the description of the course is, you’ll see the “reviews” space next to it. Alternatively, you can let me know which course you’re trying to review and I’ll send you the link here.

      Do let me know if you’ll continue to have trouble,

    1. Hey Miciah,
      I found your order under a different email account (starts with MLEE3) – I can add the order to the account you’re writing from though, and delete that one. If you prefer that, let me know!

  3. Hi Emma,

    I messed up a purchase, buying it on my work accoount. @swillis
    Bolo Bros (Combo Deal)
    [Order #9004111242698400] (May 3, 2021)

    Can I please have it moved over to this account? @Willis888

    Thanks so much