Big Man Flow


Move like a lightweight; crush like a super-heavyweight.

Victor Hugo is not only jiu jitsu’s most devastating up and comer, but he’s also the number one ranked pound-for-pound athlete in the gi.

What’s his secret? It’s simple: Victor discovered a way to use fast modern jiu jitsu, commonly seen in the lighter divisions, to get the jump on his opponent’s before they know what hit them.

And this is your opportunity to do the same.

LIGHTENING SUBMISSIONS — Tap your opponents FAST with Victor’s famous snap submissions: both playing guard and passing guard.

DEADLY SUBMISSION CHAINS — Learn Victor’s patented submission chain combinations and lead your opponent down a spiral of bad decisions with only one end: Them tapping out.

BIG MAN FLOW GUARD RETENTION — Learn how to slow down your opponent, kill any quick torreando attempt, get your grips and set up your game!

BIG MAN FLOW GUARD PASSING — Big Man Flow on top is all about the marriage of speed and pressure. Inside you’ll learn the secrets to passing common guards like the deep half, de la riva, lasso and more!

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Learn Victor Hugo's philosophy and what makes him successful, all in crystal clear 4K quality.

Here's what to expect in this instructional.


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