Half Guard / Half Machine

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Half guard, half machine, all bad ass. Master one of jiu jitus’s most important positions and turn the tables on any opponent no matter how big or beefy they may be.

Turn this commonly considered defensive position into your go-to offence for reliably sweeping your opponent when you need it, no matter how hard they fight back.

KNOW WHAT YOU NEED, AND HOW TO GET IT — Tap into the secrets to guaranteeing the underhook and ensuring your opponent is busy playing defense instead of passing your guard.

A HALF GUARD FOR ALL OCCASIONS — Be prepared for any situation with the knee shield, half guard lasso, the dog fight and the blood curdling knee torque pressure of the coyote guard.

DON’T JUST PLAY HALF GUARD, LEARN TO SMASH IT — Inside you’ll not only master the art of playing half guard, you’ll also learn how to expose the weaknesses of your opponent’s half guard when the time comes to pass it.

3 reviews for Half Guard / Half Machine

  1. Izidor Balažič

    A really good course for every level in jiu jitsu. If you are in the jiu jitsu game for quite some time, this course will help you refresh your memory on what are the important things to look out in the half guard game especially from the bottom. If you just started training this course will be really beneficial for you because it covers the fundamentals principals. I really liked that Keenan went over the Lucas Leite guard.
    The techniques shown are simple and effective.

  2. Leo Policelli (verified owner)

    A great instructional that covers half guard, sweeps, knee shield, and sumbissions. Awesome value for the price

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