Monoplatus Magnus

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The monoplata is jiu jitsu’s most devastating yet underestimated submission – and that’s something just waiting to be used to your advantage. Because the fewer people playing it means even less know how to defend it.

Join IBJJF Nogi World Champion and ADCC bronze medalist Josh Hinger as he reveals the secrets to dragging your opponent into deep waters from a variety of situations and finishing them with his trademark monoplata system.

ENTRIES, SETUPS & MISDIRECTIONS — Discover a crazy number of ways to enter the monoplata from positions and scenarios you never thought possible. If you didn’t see them coming, what hope has your opponent got?

NO SURPRISES – KNOW WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO EXPECT — Learn how to troubleshoot the monoplata through a number of ‘what-if’ situations to help you capitalize on anything your opponent throws your way.

THE MOST VERSATILE SUBMISSION IN YOUR ARSENAL — Not only will you learn the devastating submissions black belts around the world fear, you’ll also learn how to use it to set up other dangerous attacks like the gogoplata, gi-goplata, guillotine and more!

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Join Josh Hinger, in crystal clear 4K quality, as he reveals the secrets to his trademark monoplata system.

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1 review for Monoplatus Magnus

  1. Michael Karayiannis (verified owner)

    Bought the monoplata instructional and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. Been doing the monoplata for awhile now, and it has upped my monoplata game tenfold! On top of that he is a great Instructor. Very easy to follow along and not dry and boring like most videos. Thanks again!

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