Thanks, I’ll Pass (Your Open Guard)


Ever felt lost when trying to pass your opponent’s open guard? Not any more.

Join American black belt and cult jiu jitsu icon Keenan Cornelius, as he takes you by the hand and walks you through his world-class system for easily passing your opponent’s guard, time and time again.

HAVE AN ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING — It doesn’t matter which guard your opponent specializes in, because in this course you’ll discover over 50 lessons on concepts, strategies and techniques to make short work of the de la riva, reverse de la riva, spider, lasso, x-guards and more!

PASSING FROM START TO FINISH — Master passing in all situations from early grip breaks, to lightning torreandos, to later stage decimations and feel confident you can pass any guard, at any time.

ELITE DETAILS = ELITE RESULTS — There’s a reason why some athletes appear to be on another level compared to others. And with the match winning “ah-ha” details you’ll discover in this course, you’ll be right there with them.


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