See Nogi, Hear Nogi, Speak Nogi

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Copy and paste Keenan’s world class nogi game to your own. Everything you ever needed and wanted to know about dominating your opponent, sans kimono, is waiting for you inside.

Keenan holds nothing back in this mega course with over 100 essential lessons on every aspect of the nogi game from takedowns, to playing and passing guard, to attacking and defending leg locks and more!

TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE GROUND — Learn wrestling for jiu jitsu with some of the most effective takedowns in the game along with the secrets to misdirections, off-balances and everything you need to know to ensure you make them work.

PLAYING GUARD — Discover nogi grips that are hard to break and open up multiple opportunities for attack with the most effective guards in the game.

PASSING GUARD — Eliminate chaos and crush your opponent with the super stack, over under, smash pass, and more while killing any chance they have to regain guard, no matter how hard they try to invert.

ATTACKING AND AVOIDING LEG LOCKS — Master the art of breaking your opponent’s legs while ensuring yours never get touched.

1 review for See Nogi, Hear Nogi, Speak Nogi

  1. Frank Brasington (verified owner)

    There’s a lot of material here but that’s not to say it’s shallow. Most of the time if there’s a lot of material the instructor doesn’t go into too much depth vs a course that focuses on 1 subject. This course establishes a baseline and builds up onto some more advance attacks. For example The 1st chapter is crucifix. It’s focuses on 3 (really 3.5 because later on is the hip hinge) and how to do attacks when your opponent moves in certain ways. If you mastered a chapter then it’s time to maybe move on to something like Science Crucifixion. I would say that this course gives you the middle of the pool. You’re not in the shallow in and you’re not quite in the deep end. You’re in the area where you have to stand on your tippy toes.

    Over all I think it’s good for everyone. If you’re like me you’ll forget things and it’s nice to have a giant reference book to refer to work on positions/submissions.
    As for should you get this vs Keenan online subscription … that’s on you.

    • Richard Bukovcsan (store manager)

      Thanks for this review Frank, great breakdown.

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