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The single leg X position is regarded as one of the most potent guards in jiu jitsu and Jake Watson is here to reveal all of his tips & tricks to make this THE system you can rely on to control, dominate, and submit your training partners or competition nemeses. 

Enroll in Jake Watson’s course today to learn his full single leg X guard system you can use to trap your opponent while you inch your way closer to sweeping or submitting them.

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Join Jake Watson as he takes you through tips and tricks on how to master the single leg x position, all in crystal clear 4K qualilty.

Here's what's waiting for you inside this intructional.

2 reviews for Single Leg Xpressway

  1. Frank Brasington (verified owner)

    Let me 1st start off by saying that the Berimbolo From SLX did get me a girl friend as Jake said it would, however I didn’t want a girl friend and caused my marraige to fall apart. So just be careful with that.

    Back to the product. I found it really helpful. The course focuses heavily on the approach and set up but any one stripe white belt will tell you, position before submission. His ability to break it down has improved my game greatly. I would like to see more SLX. If JJX puts a deep dive into SLX i’ll be on that faster than flies on poop.

    • Richard Bukovcsan (store manager)

      Hey Frank, thanks for this review. If you’re looking for more SLX, Conner DeAngelis has a course on it too, it’s called Tactical Single Leg X.

  2. Danny O’Donnell (verified owner)

    I’ve been fortunate to watch Jake implement his single leg x techniques since purple belt against some of the best competitors in the world. This course covers Jake’s best setups, attacks, and passes from a position he’s used successfully countless times in tournaments. If you’re looking for clear, concise instruction on the single leg x position then this is the best course for you!

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