Taken Aback By Keenan Cornelius


Supercharge your submission rate and take your back game to an elite level with Keenan Cornelius as he walks you through his highly effective back control and submission system.

Learn how to control any opponent from the back, regardless of size or belt level, and watch as your kill count explodes through the roof.

SECURE HOOKS, NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRY TO FIGHT YOU OFF — Discover how to get hooks on a resisting opponent and the secrets to making them STICK – even when they try to shake you off.

THE KNOWLEDGE TO NOT ONLY CONTROL THE BACK, BUT ESCAPE IT TOO — Understanding the ins-and-outs of escaping the back means you’ll know what your opponent needs to do to escape and exactly how to shut them down.

KEENAN’S PLAN FOR EFFECTIVE DRILLING — Go beyond technique with these effective drilling protocols to ensure everything you learn in this course STICKS!

PLUS, WE’LL ALSO THROW IN A FEW BONUS LESSONS ON THE KIMURA TRAP — Because sometimes things don’t always go to plan and we want you to have a rock-solid way to get back on track.


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