The Underworld: Underhook De La Riva System

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The Underworld is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human jiu jitsu world. Most, if not all, grips, sweeps, submissions and back takes present in this dimension are linked together in a hive mind explained for you to learn by it’s creator, Margot Ciccarelli, essentially forming an enormous superorganism, deadly to any guard passer.

What’s At The X? Enroll In Margot Ciccarelli’s ‘The Underworld’ Now & Enter An Alternate Dimension To The Human Jiu Jitsu World, And Find Out.

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Enter an alternate universe with Margot Ciccarelli, all in crystal clear 4K quality.

Here's a look at what's waiting for you inside this course.

3 reviews for The Underworld: Underhook De La Riva System

  1. skulldaggery (verified owner)

    Really good information, delivered in a very easy to digest cogent manner.
    Very much enjoy Margot’s unique style and take.
    Great details, and concepts. Can’t wait to go drill these.

  2. Loukas Kapsalis

    Been a fun of underhook DLR for a while now, but I couldn’t really find a complete set of information about it. This instructional is something else and so is the level of Margot as an instructor. The way she breaks down the concepts and principles in this instructional, is one of a kind and I would like to see more instructionals coming from her.

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