Under Pressure

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Pressure passing as arguably more satisfying than other kinds of passing, like a fast toreando pass. If you pass too quickly your vanquished foe can write it off as a trick. Not with pressure passing…

They will see everything taken from them as they get smashed between the planet and yourself. They will see their layers of guard crumble, they will begin to struggle to breathe as they get stacked like a box in a giant warehouse. It’s not personal, it’s only business.

Expect to learn the 4 archetypes of pressure passing:

  • Double unders
  • Over unders
  • Side smashing
  • Half guard smashing

1 review for Under Pressure

  1. des.cooke (verified owner)

    Great instructional with fine detailing not described in other ones I have watched.
    Staggered grips on double unders and the lobster claw detail on over unders are just two that come to mind.
    Well worth the money👍

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