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Transform one of jiu jitsu’s most underrated techniques into your A-game for sweeps, backtakes and match winning submissions your opponent will be hopeless to defend.

Mastering the omoplata is your ticket to gaining the upper hand, so take action now and start dominating control over your opponents, no matter how big or strong they are, and trap them in a never-ending web of submissions.

RELIABLE ENTRIES — Learn entries from a wide variety of positions like the closed guard, collar sleeve, lasso, single leg -x, berimbolo and more 

FOOLPROOFING THE OMOPLATA — Stop wondering if your omoplata is going to work, because Andris is going to walk you through his proven breaking mechanics, step-by-step, so you can feel confident you’ll get the tap regardless of how strong your opponent is or how flexible their shoulders are.

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Join Andris Brunovskis A.K.A. The Latvian Sniper as he reveals the secrets to his world renowned shoulder locks and entanglements, all in crispy 4K quality.

Here's a sneak peak of what's waiting for you inside this instructional.

1 review for Whole-Lotta-Plata

  1. Dave B

    Game changer!
    This course opened my eyes to how versatile the Omoplata is. Andris is a great instructor who’s attention to detail and description of positions can’t be beat.

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