You Shall Not Pass

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Say goodbye to having your guard passed with this get out of jail free card up your sleeve.

This isn’t about stopping your opponent from passing your guard; this is about taking that option completely off the table.

Join IBJJF European Champion, Pan American Champion, and 3 x World Champion Gabriel Arges as he reveals the secrets to the unsolvable equation that is his guard.

WEAPONS OF GUARD RETENTION — a field guide containing everything you need from the foundational basics to specific scenarios.

TAKE THE POWER BACK — Learn Gabriel’s very best techniques for countering the torreando, leg drag, knee cut, and stack pass all the way down to the later stage cross-face.

USE YOUR OPPONENT’S PASS ATTEMPTS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE — stop playing defense and start becoming a threat; feel confident all your efforts are going towards fighting to win, instead of fighting not to lose.

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Learn the secrets to an unpassable guard with Gabriel Arges, in crispy 4K quality.

Here's a sneak peak of what's waiting for you inside this instructional.

5 reviews for You Shall Not Pass

  1. Frank Brasington

    Well I’ll say this what the instructor teaches works. While i’m a lowly white belt going on 1.5 years of studying I will say after drilling the techniques I had a pretty proud moment when I last rolled. No one, blue and purple belts included, were able to get past my guard. I felt pretty good. Just having the break down of how to hold onto my guard and how to properly frame and roll into position were very helpful.

    Is this video for you? maybe I’m not you I have no idea but if you want to tighten up your defense then I would say at least give the preview videos a look..

  2. Adam Byford (verified owner)

    Gabriel’s teaching is excellent! I have already found it has improved my game. Highly recommended 👍🏻

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