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Watch 2 Free Lessons Here

Intro – Diego Santana?


Kimura from Closed Guard?

Closed Guard

Kimura Attack from Side Control?

This section show the basic techniques from close guard and side control.

Kimura Attack from Knee Cut Pass?

Kimura Attack from Knee Cut Pass

Kimura Attack from Bottom Half Guard?

Those techniques you can be able to apply on bottom half guard situation.

Kimura Grip to Counter Single Leg?

This section was designed to counter single legs takedowns attacks in Gi and Nogi as well.

Kimura Grip from Back Control?

Simple technique to attack the arm from back control situation.

Modified Kimura from Triangle Choke attempt?

Modified Kimura

No-Gi – Self Defense?


No-Gi – Takedown?


Rolling Kimura?

Back Take with Rolling Kimura

Kimura Grip from Crucifix Situation?

Crucifix situation

Baratoplata with Reverse Kimura Grip?

Reverse Kimura Grip

Outro – Diego Santana?


Jiu Jitsu X is better

enjoyed in our mobile app.

Jiu Jitsu X is better

enjoyed in our mobile app.