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Miyao’s Baratoplata Utopia

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Everything you need to know from concept, setups, and entry to ultimate armlock, Baratoplata, and submit every training partner with a tap.
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What I will learn?

  • Baratoplata Concepts And Fundamentals
  • Baratoplata Entries From Bottom Position
  • Baratoplata Entries From Top Position
  • How To Troubleshoot Baratoplata
  • Setups From Failed Submission Attempts

Course Curriculum


Understanding The Concept Of Baratoplata

Learning How To Deal With Common Reactions

Entries From Bottom Position

Entries From Top Position

Entries From Head Lock Position


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1 week ago
Concise and well illustrated primer for using the Baratoplata. This will give you everything you need to start using this attack/control and has inspired me to hunt the baratoplata using the guards I play. I’m an older brown belt, lanky build, medium flexibility, and I have no problem getting to this attacking position. Now I have an option for attacking the arm when it’s kept in tight as well as extended. Paulo’s english is easy to understand and the audio quality is good. I also like how short the clips are. There’s no extra talking, he’s straight to the point and keeps it pretty simple. Great instruction professor. Oss !

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Target Audience

  • Those who struggle to finish submission
  • Those who struggle to set up a submission
  • Those looking to attack flexible opponents effectively
  • Those wanting to implement more submissions to their games

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