Death by A 1000 Knee Cuts


A guard passing system so reliable, once you get started no guard player on earth will stop you.

Join 5 x IBJJF world champion and 2008 ADCC gold medalist, Romulo Barral, as he reveals the secrets and strategies behind his world-famous kneecut passing system.

MASTER THE KNEE CUT FROM START TO FINISH — Learn how to deal with a variety of scenarios from breaking your opponent’s grips, to brushing off the knee shield, to denying the lasso, extinguishing the kiss of the dragon, killing the de la riva, deep half and more!

YOUR OPPONENT WILL WANT YOU TO PASS MORE THAN YOU DO, SERIOUSLY — Discover the power behind the contradiction of upper and lower body alignment, and the devastating cross face/face crank manipulations that’ll make your opponent beg you to pass.

DEADLY SUBMISSIONS — When you play the knee cut like Romulo, your opponent will quickly discover that you’re in total control and that their fate rests in your hands.

SIMPLE, BUT IT’S PROVEN TO WORK — This system was designed with one goal in mind: to win! And it is a system that has been proven to do so at the highest level of elite competition.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Satisfaction Guaranteed


Watch Romulo Barral as he teaches you how to slice through the trickiest of guards, all in crystal clear 4K quality.

Here's a sneak peak of what's waiting for you inside this instructional.


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