Death by a 1000 Knee Cuts

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Struggling to find the right pass for the moment?

Techniques in jiu jitsu are like keys with the power to unlock problems placed in front of you on the mats.  The problem is, 90% of those keys were made to fit one lock, and if that specific lock isn’t in front of you, well, that key is pretty much useless. And never has this been more true when it comes to guard passing.

Trying to master every guard pass in the book is IMPOSSIBLE!

The truth is, passing guard is complicated and with the seemingly endless combinations of grips and leg placements, it feels like new guards are being created almost every day. And just when you thought you had your opponent’s guard figured out, here they are back on the mat with something else you have to deal with. And all your progress goes out the window, leaving you to start from scratch, yet again.  But, what if you didn’t have to?

Bring the BIGGER knife to the fight: A guard passing system so reliable, once you get it started, no guard player on earth can stop you.

While Romulo Barral may be known for his killer spider guard, he is absolutely feared for his devastating knee cut. Why? Well, not only is he guaranteed to finish the pass; his opponent is also guaranteed to hate every second of it. And now you can be known for doing the same! Join 5 x IBJJF world champion and 2008 ADCC gold medalist, Romulo Barral, as he reveals the secrets and strategies behind his knee cut passing system and makes your opponent pay for even thinking about pulling guard on you.

If you had a guaranteed opportunity to cancel out all of those sneaky guard player’s new tricks and innovations, would you take it?

What if you could cut your opponent off long before they could get any kind of game started and could easily pass their guard with one simple system? Death By A 1000 Knee Cuts


Target Audience

  • Do you like passing guards effortlessly? This course is for you!
  • This course is for the people that need answers against a knee shield.
  • For jiu jiteiros that enjoy a good powerful crossface.
  • For the one who wants to upgrade their knee cut.

Course curriculum

18 Lessons


Cutting Through De La Riva

Cutting Through Sit Up Guard

Cutting Through Reverse De La Riva

Cutting Through Deep Half

Cutting Through The Shin On Shin

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5.00 (1 ratings)

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When I started Jiujitsu I was told that 20% of the moves will win you 80% of the battles and I feel like Knee Cuts are part of that 20%. I think this is great course even if it`s just all knee cuts. The knee cut is such an efficivent series of movements that I think prefecting it really helps.

Romulo Barral does a great job of breaking down the movements and pointing out the minor details. It`s helped elevate my game.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to grind your opponent’s guard into paste.
  • Master the knee cut.
  • Learn how to beat common knee cut reactions.
  • Learn how to choke your opponent or grind their face until they willingly let go of your leg. (Free pass.)
  • Get a better understanding of what it takes to pass guards.
  • Learn how to 10X your crossfacing powers.

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