Lapel Slayer – Lapel Guard Passing course by Keenan Cornelius

“Keenan is a traitor to his kind and he should be ashamed” – Every Lapel Encyclopedia buyer EVER.



  • Strategies for avoiding lapel guard all together 
  • Tactics for defeating intermediary positions 
  • Tricks against worm guard variations and squid guard 
  • Counters to the dreadful reverse de la worm 
  • Plus access to frequent course updates


Who is 'Lapel Slayer' for?

Concerned Passers

If you're trying to be really good at guard passing, then meeting a skilled lapel guard player is a nightmare.

Lapel Players

Yes, Lapel Players will want to protect their skills & reverse engineer these techiques to make their guard better.

Jiu Jitsu Nerd 101

Jiu Jitsu Nerds

The students of the game always looking for cutting edge information will be all over this one.

What will you get out of Lapel Slayer?

Do you remember those nightmares, where something terrible happens? A loved one gets hurt…  or something bad happens to you… Then you wake up to realize it was just a bad dream. You go back to sleep with this deep sense of relief. That sense of relief is why Lapel Slayer is worth good money. 

Going up against a competent lapel guard player can feel very similar. You get the takedown or they pull guard, things are going OK and then all of a sudden you feel a tug on your own lapel and “oh no!” , it’s getting weaved through your legs. The nightmare is beginning and you’re about to become a puppet for this person below you. 

WITHOUT Lapel Slayer the nightmare could end with the lapel player ending up on your back and putting you to sleep, with a lot of helplessness on your part along the way. 

WITH Lapel Slayer however… you can expect to feel that sense of relief overcome you as soon as you feel the lapel guard coming your way. You KNOW what to do and this is your chance to turn the tables… you will escape and execute passing that feels like a dream to you and a nightmare to the guy that came after your gi. That’s what you’ll get out of Lapel Slayer and that feeling is glorious

What's inside Lapel Slayer 1.0?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is no physical Lapel Slayer, after your purchase, it gets added to your course library and you get instant access. You can enjoy it broken down into bite-sized lessons or in one long video. 

The Lapel Encyclopedia is Keenan’s vault of lapel guards. More precisely it is a course that has grown from 9 original chapter into 16 chapters. However, the Lapel Slayer is NOT included, it is the yang to the yin that is the Encyclopedia. 

When you purchase Lapel Slayer we won’t make you pay for Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and beyond. 

As Keenan is ready to add more lapel guard passing techniques you will get access to them for free! Just like a software update.

Yes, all Jiu Jitsu X courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

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Even if you believe that you're the shark... Guess what, there are

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Lapel Guard Players rolling in the deep

These Kraken-like creatures have the ability to tie you up, annoy you and submit you, even if they're a lower belt than you.

Lapel Kraken