No matter if you’re new to jiu jitsu, or you’re an old salty veteran, there’s nothing worse than having your guard passed and your soul smashed on the mats. Everybody has that one person who is straight-up Kryptonite for their guard. Whether it’s in the gym or in competition, there’s someone out there wielding some serious black magic that makes it feel as if all the time you’ve put in on the mats has gone to waste.

It’s like no matter what you try, they’re just too strong and too fast for you. And they smash you, bad… Have you ever thought… “If only I was stronger”, “If only I was more flexible”. The truth is, developing a good guard game and devouring all the techniques your coach and the internet have to offer takes a LOT of time and a LOT of effort… And becoming a master at them all is downright impossible… especially when the techniques you learn are completely random and don’t connect.

But, what if that wasn’t the case? Imagine how you would feel if you had in your power a complete jiu jitsu system that has been proven at the highest level of competition? How good would it feel to consistently defeat and frustrate your greatest nemesis on the mats, without wasting your time trying to get jacked or destroying your groin to improve your flexibility?

Target Audience

  • Lapel Guard Lovers
  • People Who Want A System That Can Beat Higher Belts
  • Grapplers Who Want To Consistently Frustrate And Defeat Their Nemesis On The Mat

Topics for this course

182 Lessons

Chapter 1: Introduction & Concepts

Chapter 2: Playing Open Guard, Off Balances & Entries

Chapter 3: Recovering If Things Go Wrong

Chapter 4: Worm Guard

Chapter 5: Ringworm Guard

Chapter 6: Reverse De La Worm

Chapter 7: Squid Guard

Chapter 8: Gubber Guard

Chapter 9: Submissions

Chapter 10: Lapel Lasso

Chapter 11: Belt Guard

Chapter 12: Single Leg X Worm

Chapter 13: Platinum Worm (Lapel Passing)

Chapter 14: Worm Wrestling

Chapter 15: Graceful Exits

Chapter 16: Demi Guard

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Since buying this instructional I've been able to sweep and submit people who outrank and outweigh with relative ease

With this course I’ve been able to slow down my opponents and give me time to sweep and get on top on my own terms. I’ve also become the most hated guy in the gym and managed to win comps with confidence. Highly recommended

Great course!!! You are the best.

Thank you .you are the best.

This is all over the place there is no fluidity. Great content bad  delivery.

Awesome course!

A ton of techniques. 95% great, 5% unrealistic techs with contradicting instruction included.

Great stuff

I love it!

Super fun. Easy on the fingers.

Game changer and must have!!!

Keenan is a jiu jitsu genius. This is more than a "system", it is a whole new theory. It is so varied, extensive and imaginative. Keenan points out not only the positives for the various techniques, but also where their weaknesses are. And it is great for people (like me) who need to slow the game down, who are not super athletic or flexible. It is the best thing I have seen. I`d rather you don`t get it, though, so that I am the only one who knows about it.

There are honestly no cons to this instructional. As a guard player, I simply can`t pull fast enough. I will avoid my opponent on the feet as if touching them would induce immediate explosive bowel release. Shoot a crappy shot, grab the belt and fall to my butt. Now we are in business, and lemme tell ya, business is a boomin`.

As for right now, I`m just a lowly reverse de la worm connoisseur, but hopefully sometime in the near future, I an be totally fluent. It`s simply more information than I can handle. I suggest going by chapters for extended periods of time, before moving on to the next one. Totally a great value for your dollar.

I`m a nogi guy trying to learn gi. The 1st video I thought of purchasing was the lapel encyclopedia. I love what I see so far! It`s very thorough and informative! Highly recommended!

Very detailed and understandable. There is something to learn from this no matter where you are in your journey.

Game changing is the least I could say. I have been sweeping and dominating my local circuit nonstop with this content, and it is constantly evolving!! Get on this now and watch your game go another level!!

Fantastic! So much content and new content gets added. Love it

Bought the lapel encyclopedia last year (before jiujitsu x was around) and it is awesome. THe fact that it`s consistently updated is amazing. Greatly improved my guard game! Highly recommend it!

Extremely comprehensive and detailed breakdown of everything you need to know to start playing a lapel game right away.

Bought the lapel encyclopedia last year and it is awesome. Greatly improved my guard game! Highly recommend it!

Awesome course, well worth it.

So much info and minor details that I don`t see other lapel players provide. Awesome product. Also received great service when I ran into an issue.

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn A System That Is Kryptonite To The Guard Passer
  • The Ins and Outs Of Every Lapel Guard Created By Keenan Cornelius
  • How To Pass Guard Using The Lapel (Lapel Passing)
  • Worm Wrestling
  • Gracefully Exiting Positions

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Jiu Jitsu X is better

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