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Dive deep with Andris Brunovskis as he takes you worm farming. This crop contains lapel de la worm, belt worm, lapel lasso, canero guard system, and his Latvian handcuff position. There are a couple of other things involved in between like small conceptual details that will be the key to your locked door. Pay attention to Andris’s finer details and enjoy this lapel course.

Enroll in Andris Brunovskis’ Lapelapalooza now and learn how you can turn your lapels and your opponent’s lapels into your biggest weapons on the mat.

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Dive deep with Andris Brunovskis as he takes you worm farming in crystal clear 4K quality.

Here's a sneak peak of what's waiting for you inside this course.

2 reviews for Lapelapalooza

  1. David Bishop (verified owner)

    I’ve barely scratched the surface of the Lapel Encyclopedia and bought this mostly because of Andris.
    With this course Andris proves again he’s a great instructor. Some great techniques to be found here and even as a beginner it’s easy to follow along and learn.

  2. franksclee (verified owner)

    Like many of us on JJX, I’m a big fan of everything Keenan, especially the Lapel Encyclopedia. I’ve seen a few of Andris’s videos on Keenan Online, and have heard Keenan expressed great things about Andris during interviews on Andris’s teaching style. Lapelapalooza was my first insight into Andris. And dare I say it – I would put Andris on the Mount Rushmore of Modern BJJ Instructions alongside with Danaher, Keenan, and Ryan Hall. Andris is great in communicating details, and he is really creative on his take on the Lapel Guard. For example, in RDLW, I’ve had the hardest time figuring out how to elevating my knee above the opponent’s knee. After watching Andris’s segments on these topics, I can more easily accomplish this. Lapelapalooza is a great complimentary to Lapel Encyclopedia. Even if you haven’t seen Lapel Encyclopedia, Lapelapalooza is also a great concise standalone intro to the Lapel Guard. Andris is el hombre!

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