Chapter 1: Introduction & Concepts

Chapter 2: Playing Open Guard, Off Balances & Entries

Chapter 3: Recovering If Things Go Wrong

Chapter 4: Worm Guard

Chapter 5: Ringworm Guard

Chapter 6: Reverse De La Worm

Chapter 7: Squid Guard

Chapter 8: Gubber Guard

Chapter 9: Submissions

Chapter 10: Lapel Lasso

Chapter 11: Belt Guard

Chapter 12: Single Leg X Worm

Chapter 13: Platinum Worm (Lapel Passing)

Chapter 14: Worm Wrestling

Chapter 15: Graceful Exits

Chapter 16: Demi Guard

15-1 Introduction to Graceful Exits

Question time…

Do spiders ever get stuck in their own web?

Let’s rephrase that…

… have you ever swept your opponent with a lapel guard, but felt you couldn’t advance afterward because the lapel kept you tied to them?

Found yourself in a seesaw situation after sweeping your opponent to a position where they were able to sweep you back?

It’s almost as if you’ve been double-crossed by your own lapel game.  

The good news is you don’t have to put up with this for much longer…

In this chapter of the Lapel Encyclopedia, you’re going to master exiting the various lapel guards from the previous chapters, so you can advance through your game on your way to winning the match.

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Jiu Jitsu X is better

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