Keenan Online related questions

What Keenan Online related question can we help you with?

If you have an active Keenan Online membership you purchased through, then your account was transferred over to JJX. You received a “Welcome to Jiu Jitsu X” email with your JJX login details.

If you can’t find that email, and need help getting into your JJX account email us ( and we’ll resend you your login details. 

Click this link here for a tutorial on how to access the KO courses on JJX, and where you’ll find the Latest uploads section. 

With a Keenan Online subscription you get access to all Keenan’s courses on Jiu Jitsu X for as long as you’re subscribed, apart from the Lapel Encyclopedia. That one is a separate purchase.

To learn more about different Keenan Online subscriptions click here

If you’re not a fan of subscriptions, you can also buy Keenan’s courses individually. They are all available as separate purchases here, simply click on the one (or the ones) you’re interested in and you’ll be guided through the purchase. 

Once you purchase a course separately, you get lifetime access to it. 

The belt courses (white, blue and purple) that were available through were not transferred over to JJX because their video quality wasn’t that great. They are currently being refilmed, to adhere to the new video quality standards. 

If you’re a jj beginner and really need the white belt course – don’t worry! Keenan is currently recording a new beginner course with Andris Brunovskis that should be available in March 2021.

One of the courses on JJX that’s very beginner friendly is called Andris’ Skills and Drills – we definitely suggest that one in the meantime!

If you really want to keep watching the videos through, send us an email ( and our friendly customer service reps will grant your access on 

Eventually, once the JJX mobile app is out and all the belt level courses are on JJX, the old KO site will be removed. 

The latest uploads are available and uploaded regularly here.

Make sure to click on the lesson text not the date above, and you’ll be redirected to the latest upload you selected. 

If you have a Keenan Online related question not answered here simply email us ( and we’ll help you out!