Passing Spider Lasso Guard

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Getting tangled in the webs of spider guard is utterly tragic, but unfortunately for all of us top position loving guard passers, there’s an even worse combo, the spider lasso guard.

Many gi grapplers will understand the travesty that is this dreaded entanglement-based guard. Your back hurts, your forearms hurt, your biceps hurt, your soul hurts. And worst of all whatever passes you attempt seem to take you one step forward and two steps back.

Not anymore. This instructional right here brings you multiple steps forward. You won’t be just passing the guard, you’ll be running past it.  The only step back you’ll take is to appreciate the glory of the guard pass post-match. 

Richard Bukovcsan aka Richy B is back with another courseThis time he’s showing you his, competition tested, passing details. Richy is a celebrated brown belt grappler on the emerald isle of Ireland. He’s often known for never getting his guard passed in competition. However what is often overlooked by his competitors is that he’s incredibly hard to sweep and has a fine talent for passing difficult guards. 

In this instructional, you’ll learn how to stay safe in the position, how to defend your opponent’s advances, how to pass the spider guard and demolish the spider lasso as well as a section dedicated to submitting your opponent for that extra oomph. Answer your spider lasso guard passing problems with a system that implements techniques such as the long step, leg drag and kneecut. Alongside fine details to take you one step closer to your guard passing goals.

Enroll today and give yourself more passing opportunities.

Target Audience

  • People who feel in danger in the spider lasso guard
  • Those who find it difficult to pass the spider lasso
  • Those who want to find out the fine details of demolishing the spider lasso guard

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Passing Spider Guard

Passing Spider Lasso



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What I will learn?

  • How to stay safe in the spider lasso guard
  • How to defend your opponent’s advances
  • Passing the classic spider guard
  • Passing the spider lasso guard

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