If you’re looking to become elite or even just competent at passing nogi guards, then this is it champ! 

This is your one-stop ticket to complete no-gi dominance over your opponent. 

Ffion Davies, fresh off the top of the podium at WORLDS brings you her instructional on no-gi passing and pins. 

Ffion is world-renowned for her competitive career both in gi and no-gi. She is also an exceptional instructor well known for her ability to convey detail in her seminars across the globe. 

By adding this course to your collection, you will learn how to deal with the seated guard, knee cutting through several variations of seated guards. Ffion also breaks down how to pass from headquarters, how to be in dominant control in multiple positions, completely dismantle your opponent’s defenses and counters, submissions and much more. 

Enroll today to experience world-class details that’ll have you pinning opponents in every round or every match. 

Target Audience

  • Those who want to efficiently pass guard in no-gi
  • Those who want to add world class details to their passing strategy
  • Those who have trouble pinning their opponent down

Topics for this course

35 Lessons

Meet Your Instructor, Ffion Davies

Passing And Submitting From Seated Guard

From Standing

Passing From The Headquarters Position

Side Control Pins

The Mount Position


About the instructors

Ffion Davies is one of jiu jitsu’s most successful female grapplers in both gi and no-gi. A force to be reckoned with. Having won both Gi and No-Gi World titles, she now shares with us her world renowned techniques in her first course at Jiu Jitsu X. “No-Gi Passing And Pins” is your one-stop ticket to complete no-gi dominance over your opponent. By adding this course to your collection, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to cut through every no-gi guard and dominate your opponent from the headquarters position. Watch Ffion’s course “No-Gi Passing And Pins” now and surprise your opponents with out-of-this-world passing skills.  
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Such a solid instructional with details that work at the highest levels of the sport ! Really excited to implement this into my game !

Amazing and straight to the point, the best instructional I have purchased easy


What Will I Learn?

  • How to slice your way through no-gi guards using the knee cut
  • How to pass from headquarters
  • Transitioning between passes
  • Dealing with seated guard
  • Submissions and countering attacks

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Jiu Jitsu X is better

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