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Many can’t say “50/50” without “stalling” BUT stall no more. In his latest instructional here at Jiu Jitsu X, #1 ranked P4P in the gi, Victor Hugo takes you through his notorious 50/50 guard. Trialed, tested, and proven to succeed against some of the best grapplers on the scene. Learn how to take your 50/50 guard from “I’m just gonna wait here” to “I’m gonna sweep, pass your guard and submit you”. Dominate!

Set-ups & entries. Find out how to set up the 50/50 guard from different guards and positions. You might ask yourself… “Why should I put my opponent in 50/50?”. We’re glad you asked and we got 2 solid reasons for you.

1. Not many people actually know what to do from 50/50. Yes, they might know basics such as pull on your foot, and rock on top for a salty two points, but the knowledge usually stops there.
2. Having a deep understanding of 50/50 will instantly give you a huge advantage over anyone, yes, even higher belts. Here’s the plan… get to 50/50, dominate from 50/50.

50/50 sweeps. Take the ground from underneath your opponent’s feet with these smooth and crafty sweeps. There is more to 50/50 than just rocking on top for the sweep points. In this section, Victor teaches you how to sweep and stay on top. This isn’t a ‘how to seesaw up and down’ instructional.

Double sit situations. Double sit situations are inevitable which is why Victor shows you exactly how to use this to your advantage. This can be a tough spot to be in, but the person with more knowledge will prevail. Learn how to transition from the double sit to passing and submitting your opponent.

Passing. Discover how to counter your opponent’s attempts at making you look bad with solutions to all your grip breaking problems and how to effectively smooth sail past your opponent’s legs to secure the points…and the win.

Target Audience

  • For people who are unsure of what to do in the 50/50 position
  • For people who need a system to beat higher belts

Course Curriculum

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Set-Ups & Entries

50/50 Sweeps

Double Sit Situations


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2 years ago
I like it but just so you know this is a course that mostly uses the GI so if you want no-gi 50/50 it's not the course for you
2 years ago
Decent instructional on the 50/50 position.
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Learn To Use The 50/50 Position For Something Other Than Stalling
  • Setting Up The 50/50 From Different Positions
  • What To Do In Double Sit Situations
  • Dominate Opponents’ From 50/50

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