Tired of getting passed like a hot potato on the mat? Shane Fishman`s `Octopus Guard` course on JJX is here to help you turn the tables. Shane is a master of the slippery Octopus Guard and other sneaky positions like the fishnet guard and half guard, and he`s ready to impart his wisdom to you.


In this course, you`ll learn how to use the Octopus Guard to catch your opponents off guard and keep them on the defensive. We`ll explore a variety of entry techniques, including the half guard, deep half guard, De la Riva, and reverse De la Riva, and show you how to chain them together seamlessly. You`ll also learn how to take the back position and unleash the full power of the Octopus Guard.


But that`s not all – we`ll also teach you how to neutralize the Octopus Guard with the Uno Reverse card. With Shane`s step-by-step instruction, you`ll be able to master this elusive position and become a force to be reckoned with on the mat.


If you are ready to make this small but necessary investment for yourself, make sure to check out Shane`s `Octopus Guard` on JJX. There are also 3 Free videos so you can take a sneak peek!

Target Audience

  • For those wanting to make improvements to their No Gi Gaurd system
  • For those looking to build more offensive Guard
  • For those wanting to implement more attacks
  • For those looking to troubleshoot their No Gi Guard

Course Curriculum

Watch 3 Free Lessons Here
Enjoy 3 free lessons. Courtesy of Jiu Jitsu X team.


Octopus Guard Fundamentals

Octopus Guard Scenarios

Octopus Guard Entry – Deep Half Guard

Octopus Guard Entry – De La Riva

Octopus Guard Attacks


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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3 Ratings
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1 year ago
Great match for the game I play and very easy to understand and implement.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Another great course from Shane. Perfect for those who like half guard bottom and want to expand their game.
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Octopus Guard Entry
  • Octopus Guard Troubleshooting
  • Octopus Guard to Open Guard Transition
  • Backtake from Octopus Guard
  • Attacks from Octopus Guard

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