If you’re interested in nogi in any capacity, you know by now that leglocks are mandatory knowledge. Even the faintest glimpse at the elite competition scene will confirm that the sport has been transformed and everyone now knows leglocks systems that used to only be possessed by a few.

Jon “Thor” Blank, 10th Planet black belt & heel hooking specialist has compiled the details to his successful leg locking system, in an easy to follow and easy to implement course. 

Throughout the course, Jon focuses heavily on breaking mechanics, which is something most people lack nowadays when trying to finish the heelhook. Get the deepest of bites and highest rate of submission finishes with this guide book on how to enter, counter and defend leglocks. 

Interesting fact; Jon has finished more than 60% of his overall wins with a heel hook.

Target Audience

  • Leglocking enthusiasts who want the latest details
  • For those who want to begin implementing leglocking systems into their game
  • Grapplers who are unsure of how to defend or counter certain leglocking positions
  • For those who struggle to get the finish.

Topics for this course

30 Lessons


Leglock Entries, Counters & Defenses


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Honestly, a great overview of leglocks, specifically the honeyhole, includes some nice drills. Coming from a school that never trains them, this gave me an awesome starting point. This also is short and digestible, with an easy way to come back and review.

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Leglocking Fundamentals
  • Basic & Advanced Entries
  • Countering Your Opponents Defenses
  • How To Defend Leglocks
  • How To Effectively “Flow”

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