Lord of the Half Guard

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Struggling on your back against larger, stronger opponents? The chances of beating someone shaped like a mountain in the takedown game are slim and you can probably count on one hand the number of times heavier rolling partners have elected to play guard on you. There aren’t many guarantees in jiu jitsu, but you can bet your bottom dollar no matter which guard you like to play, larger opponents are looking to pass by crushing you in half guard. And the worst part is, when they sink the crossface, they’re always extra generous with their weight on your chest, neck, and face. It’s like they’re not aware of any size difference or something.

Be honest, do you play half guard, or do you hold on to half guard? Real talk, the problem here isn’t being under the half guard… the problem is how you think about half guard.
“Half guard is half passed” = Wrong.
“I carry too much of my opponent’s weight in the half guard and I get tired there” = Couldn’t be more wrong.
“The half guard is only a defensive position, there aren’t any attacks from there.” = That’s a paddlin’.
“The half guard is a white belt position and doesn’t work at higher levels.” = You better believe that’s a paddlin’.
If you’ve ever said any of those comments above… then what you’re about to see is going to change your mind, for good.

How would you like to turn your biggest weakness on the mats into your biggest strength? The truth is, your half guard doesn’t have to play more of a part in your opponent’s passing game than it does in your own. When you understand how the half guard works: the intricacies of technique, body positioning, knee torque, and how they all link together, you’ll have more than just a defensive position at your disposal. You’ll be able to… Transform your opponent’s best passing position into your ticket to winning gold by becoming a lord of the half guard with Jake Mackenzie. Forget everything you know about playing half guard; this is the missing link in your game you’ve been waiting for.

Join 3rd-degree black belt and jiu jitsu cult hero, Jake MacKenzie, on a journey to reinvent your half guard and get more sweeps, more backtakes, and ultimately — win more matches!


Target Audience

  • For those who struggle against larger opponents
  • For those who hold onto half guard instead of playing it
  • For those that want to turn their biggest weakness into their biggest strength

Course Curriculum

The Knee Tweak Position

Deep Half Guard

Reverse Half Guard

De La X

Proto Guard Grip

Half Guard Worm

Extra Reverse Half Guard

Half Guard Protection


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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19 Ratings
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Anton Valianos
9 months ago
11 months ago
Jake is the man! Great athlete and great instructor!
1 year ago
Awesome course!
Well organized.
Reverse half guard was well explained and changed my game.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Well structured, and high quality
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great Course
2 years ago
It is very technical and detailed
he is a real lord
2 years ago
Good course!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great stuff
2 years ago
Best half guard course out.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I am the half guard guy at my academy, I have put in a lot of time in on and off the mat to get build my game. I have studied a lot of the top guys games including Faria, Leite, Buchecha, DeBlass, I even have the DVD Bear from Shoyoroll put out when he was still a brown belt. Jake's game is unique. The biggest thing is reverse-half, I used to hate it but now I am trying to get there. My opponents really don't understand what I am trying to do and it gives me a big advantage. Definitely recommend this one.
3 years ago
Jake is the best in the game when it comes to the half guard. He outlines critical details in his course starting with body positioning and progressively moving into different scenarios and techniques. Highly recommend this to anyone at any belt level.
3 years ago
Easily oneof the best half guard instructionals out there. MacKenzie really puts everything in a logical order so you can really implement his game on the mats . Can’t wait to become a half guard pro with this!
3 years ago
Next level half guard. Instructional production was Phenomenal. Jake meticulously outlined a solid modern half guard DVD. I highly recommend for everyone.
-Louis Comitale
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Half Guard Fundamentals
  • The Knee Tweak Position
  • The Deep Half Guard Position
  • Reverse Half Guard Position
  • Gripping Effectively
  • Half Guard Worm
  • Half Guard Protection

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