Pinpoint Passing

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Passing a good knee shield can be difficult. There’s a reason it’s called the knee SHIELD. The ones who use it, use it well as the modern Vikings and shield maidens of guard play. Trying to smash the knee shield can feel like pushing through a literal brick wall with zero tools for help.

Pinpoint Passing contains the tools you need to decipher the knee shield and more… In this course, Gianni shows you techniques he’s been working on for years. Techniques that have been drilled daily and competition tested.

There is only one location we’re trying to get to… with the pinpoint directly located on the guard pass. However, the work doesn’t stop there. Securing the position is just as important. Gianni includes how to stabilize the hips and control your opponent so that you can lock in the 3 points and guarantee an arm raised at the end of the match.

Course Curriculum

Watch 4 Free Lessons Below
4 guard passes from Gianni Grippo, completely free, just hit play.

Meet Gianni Grippo
A quick intro to PinPoint Passing with Gianni Grippo.

The Tripod Position
Passing the guard using the tripod position.

The Knee Shield
Is the knee shield blocking you from passing? This is how Gianni deals with that.

Side Control
Submit your opponent from side control... for real, like this is how you do it!

PinPoint Passing Outro
Hope you improved your guard passing, here's a quick word from Gianni before you go and put on a passing clinic.

Watch The Whole Course Without Pauses
Almost 2 hours of pure guard passing. No breaks.

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