Modern Passing Mindset

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Beat the tightest of guards. Ever get stuck in a guard so tight it feels like you’re a fly caught in a Venus flytrap. There are grips everywhere and none of your usual passing strategies seem to work. In fact, they seem to be making the situation worse. It may be hard to focus, never mind begin dismantling the vines around your limbs. BUT as you inch closer to almost inevitable doom you remember that….

… Nick & Danny have an instructional on this exact problem. A modern solution to an age-old problem. Since the dawn of jiu jitsu, jiujiteiros have been striving for perfection in the dismantling of guards and execution of takedowns & sweeps. A new jiu jitsu age is upon us now which means the rising of new guards BUT ALSO the rising of new ways to dismantle them.

Deconstruct the building blocks of your opponent’s guard. The modern passing mindset is designed to help you strip down your opponent’s guard by deleting their frames and any level of guard retention that might be left after that. Nick and Danny will take you through their basic concepts and some fancy biomechanical tips that will have you ready to counter any reaction and attack from your opponent.

Never throw caution at the wind. Learn how to dismantle guards such as the lasso, single leg x, and collar sleeve with techniques such as stack passing, knee cutting, and your very own guide to grip breaking mechanics. Your opponent won’t know what hit ‘em.

Not sure where to begin? Follow this course’s flowchart HERE.

Target Audience

  • For people who struggle to get rid of grips and frames when passing
  • For those who struggle to maintain and control the guard pass
  • For grapplers who want to add to their library of guard passing mechanisms

Course Curriculum



Single Sleeve Lasso

Single Sleeve Lasso: Stepping Over The Leg

Collar And Sleeve

Double Sleeve

Spider Lasso

Spider Collar


Student Ratings & Reviews

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15 Ratings
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2 years ago
very smart!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Completely changed how I thought about passing. Nick and Danny’s instruction is on another level.
2 years ago
Very good course with easy to follow instruction.
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Some of the highest level passing instruction on the market. A great added bonus is that there are two of them, so they’re constantly playing devils advocate and asking questions many of us are thinking during the course. 5/5
3 years ago
I am close to halfway through this course and with almost 30 minutes of videos, I’ve learned so many details that it made me rethink how to approach the guard as a whole. The first 2 minutes showed me a key detail that I never knew in my 16 years of training BJJ. This course is a game changer! Also, the visual and clear explanations that Danny and Nick display really shows they know the ins and outs of passing. Not only do they explain what they are doing as a passer, but they also show what the guard player is doing right or wrong in each scenario and how to address each roadblock(frame) you encounter.
3 years ago
Awesome details throughout the instructional and well defined course!
3 years ago
This is probably my favorite passing instructional...ever? I have been studying a lot of footage and working on a passing game that tries to funnel most of the outside leg position guards (DLR, collar sleeve, lasso, etc) to the half lasso position for maybe the past year, and this instructional comes out and blows me away. The Bolo Bros show a really complete treatment of the position (clearly showing to me how little I actually knew about all of the options from there) and then show you ways to break down most of the sleeve guards back to this checkpoint. Nick and Danny are s-tier instructors - very detailed and insightful, super technical, but not the types to needlessly drone on either. They work well as a team in a lot of the videos. They organized the material really well - they don`t present a mish-mash of stuff (this is a common gripe I have with a lot of instructionals), they give you a system of interwoven techniques that deal with the common reactions you`ll see in practice. I instantly ordered the Keymaster instructional as well after seeing the quality of their work. I hope JJX will have them back to round out their thoughts on guard passing with some DLR and inside leg position content. Thanks guys!
Bradley Souders
3 years ago
This instructional is awesome. I have already added highly effective aspects to my game just from the first concepts section of the set. I can’t wait to continue to deep dive the rest.
3 years ago
Honestly Daniel and Nick are the best online instructors. Their crab ride and bolo series on the Grapplers Guide revolutionised my game and I have been meaning to perfect my passing.

It’s as if Jiujitsu X and Daniel and Nick answered my prayers. Their approach to the top game is amazing, cannot recommend this enough.

Best instructional of 2021. Going to change my game dramatically, everyone is in trouble!
3 years ago
Hands down best passing instructional money can buy. Every chapter is clear and concise. This is not a collection of techniques but rather a passing formula where you always have an answer. The flow chart provides a macro level understanding of the position. Every serious BJJ player needs this.
3 years ago
The concepts discussed are very useful in better understanding passing (when to use what kind of pass depending on what you’re opponent is doing). Nick and Danny explain things clearly and show you important little details that make a great difference in not getting trapped in a person’s guard and getting an effective pass. I’m excited to try the techniques soon!
3 years ago
High quality instruction by Nick and Danny. The way they breakdown every position/reaction is very understandable and unique. Can’t wait for more courses by them.
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • How To Anticipate And Unwind Your Opponent’s Reactions
  • How To Delete Frames
  • Effectively Pass Guards Like The Single Sleeve Lasso, Collar & Sleeve, Double Sleeve, Spider Lasso And Spider Collar

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