Modern Passing Mindset

Introducing the latest passing system brought to you by Nick Salles and Danny Maira (you may also know them as the Bolo Bros). This course entails a modern solution to the jiu jitsu equation of how to efficiently pass the guard. With concepts and details on how to anticipate and unwind your opponent’s reactions to your advantage. This course will have you feeling prepared for any guard passing situation with key info on how to deconstruct your opponent’s guard. Frame by frame, grip by grip, the pass is inevitable.

Nick Salles And Danny Maira · February 23, 2021

Beat the tightest of guards.

Ever get stuck in a guard so tight it feels like you’re a fly caught in a venus flytrap. There’s grips everywhere and none of your usual passing strategies seem to work. In fact, they seem to be making the situation worse. It may be hard to focus, nevermind begin dismantling the vines around your limbs. BUT as you inch closer to almost inevitable doom you remember that…. 

… Nick & Danny have an instructional on this exact problem.


What can you expect in the course?

A modern solution to an age old problem

Since the dawn of jiu jitsu, jiujiteiros have been striving for perfection in the dismantling of guards and execution of takedowns & sweeps. A new jiu jitsu age is upon us now which means the rising of new guards BUT ALSO the rising of new ways to dismantle them. 

Deconstruct the building blocks of your opponent’s guard.

The modern passing mindset is designed to help you strip down your opponent’s guard by deleting their frames and any level of guard retention that might be left after that. Nick and Danny will take you through their basic concepts and some fancy biomechanical tips that will have you ready to counter any reaction and attack from your opponent. 

Never throw caution at the wind.

Learn how to dismantle guards such as the lasso, single leg x and collar sleeve with techniques such as stack passing, knee cutting and your very own guide to grip breaking mechanics. Your opponent won’t know what hit ‘em.

Unwind any situation your opponent throws at you by enrolling in Nick & Danny’s Modern Passing Mindset today.

Modern Passing Mindset: FLOWCHART

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