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Do you immediately feel like rolling your eyes when your opponent turtles? You know you’re not the best back taker.

The thoughts of spending the rest fo the round trying to pull at the collar and thrust your hooks in is a nightmare

The solution to all your back taking nightmares is brought to you by Gannon Lang aka Anubis. 

Although he may be known as the “Leg Locksmith”, Gannon Lang is a man of many talents. These include his skilled back taking abilities. In his latest instructional “Backpackers”, he brings you a range of back taking techniques, including some unorthodox concepts of finishing from the back sans hooks. 

Learn how to control the back, efficiently get your 4 points, counter opponent’s defenses and retake the back once you’ve lost the position. Also included in this course is a section dedicated to the might berimbolo and the baby panda position 🐼

Enroll today to ensure your side of the scoreboard is looking STACKED 🥇

Target Audience

  • Those who have trouble taking the back.
  • Those who struggle to finish from the back
  • Those who are unable to secure the hooks

Course Curriculum


Section 1 – Knee On Achilles

Section 2 – Knee Inserted Between Elbow And Knee

Section 3 – Submissions

Section 4 – Baby Panda Position

Section 5 – Berimbolos

Section 6 – Dives


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7 months ago
Takaaki Kondou
7 months ago
7 months ago
I have always preferred knee on achilles with a horse collar grip when experimenting with back control. I felt like this course did a good job structuring that position and also added in other useful topics for someone who is interested in taking the back as a whole. I don't think this course is meant to give an in depth advance study, and it is not for novices. I find it appropriately valued and labeled as intermediate. If you lack pathways to take the back, this course is for you.
7 months ago
Course level:Intermediate

What I will learn?

  • Controlling your opponent from the back
  • How to secure the back and the 4 points
  • How to finish from the back with and sans hooks
  • Berimbolos
  • The baby panda position
  • Submissions from multiple scenarios

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