Backstepping Blueprint

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Don’t you just love passing someone’s guard just to have them trap your leg. Being stuck in half guard can be a nuisance and an absolute pain in the…knee. 

Mike Egley was that annoying opponent playing half guard until he began getting frustrated at his training partners back stepping out of his guard. He then decided to come to the dark side and start developing an efficient back stepping system complimented by the underrated reverse half guard. 

Newly promoted black belt, Mike Egley has been on the podium consistently over the years. He’s spent the last 7+ years committing himself to the gentle art and now brings you an instructional that includes tried and tested techniques ready to copy/paste into your game.

Target Audience

  • For those who are unable to escape half guard
  • Do you get annoyed at people back stepping out of your guard? Learn how to do it back to them
  • For those who want a reliable and efficient way to pass the guard
  • Leglock lovers

Course curriculum

25 Lessons

Why Backstep?

Back Stepping Around The Guard

Passing Reverse Half Guard

Attacking ¾ Mount

Leg Locks From Reverse Half Guard

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About the instructor

5.00 (2 ratings)

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Well organized. Excellent instruction


What Will I Learn?

  • How to back step out of various guards
  • Countering the most common defenses
  • Attacking the ¾ mount
  • Reverse half guard
  • Leglocks from reverse half guard
  • Bear trap system

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