Catch These Hands

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Are You Struggling With Standing Up In NoGi? We all heard of the white belt dance, right? Picture two beginners trying to take each other down, they’re both collar tied up, both unsure about what their next move is, and both afraid that sooner or later they’ll get taken down. Does this sound like a problem you deal with?

What Should I Expect To Learn Inside Darryl’s Course? Inside this course, you will learn the importance of grip fighting, how to break your opponent’s grips, how to get to the collar tie plus how to destroy your opponent’s collar tie, how to bait your opponent using tips & tricks plus many ways to close the distance between you and your opponent so you can take your opponents down or harass them with front headlocks. We hope your guard passing is above average because once you master these grip fighting techniques, people will rather just pull guard than feel silly trying to stand up with you.

Does It Sometimes Get Awkward? There’s nothing more frustrating than when you get to nogi class and the coach tells everyone to grab a partner and drill their favorite takedown entries… but you have none. Sure, you might hit a basic armdrag or reach out to pick up your partner’s leg for a single leg, but it doesn’t take you long to realize you have no idea how to actually get past your opponent’s hands and arms to take them down if you actually had to. Fear not, we got the solution.

Learn How To Wrestle From Someone That Knows How To Teach People How To Wrestle. UFC Championship wrestling coach Darryl Christian is here to share with YOU everything he knows about the art of grip fighting. The techniques and ideas Darryl shows you inside this course have worked with UFC champions, Olympic champions, and multiple ADCC medalists. If you’re someone that wants to level up their stand-up, this is the course for you.

Target Audience

  • For people interested in improving their stand up game
  • For those who want to dominate and control their opponent efficiently
  • For grapplers who want to set up takedowns and submissions successfully

Topics for this course

24 Lessons

Introduction To Catching These Hands

Setups & Attacks

Outro – Caught Those Hands?

About the instructors

Although you might not be familiar with his name, Darryl Christian is the wrestling coach to some of the most dominating stars in the UFC including names such as Dominick Cruz, TJ Dillashaw, BJ Penn, Chael Sonnen, and Rashad Evans. He's also worked with Kyle Dake, who recently became the man that beat Jordan Burroughs and qualified for the Olympics. The full list of outstanding fighters he has worked with is mind-blowing. You can now also get a taste for Darryl's passion by checking out his wrestling course 'Catch These Hands' right here on Jiu Jitsu X. Watch 4 free lessons including the importance of grip fighting, countering the collar tie, and more.
5.00 (5 ratings)

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Definitely recommend 👌. Excellent instructional on grip fighting and setting up your own attacks.

Simple & effective
Dc is a wizard
10/10 would recommend

I really enjoyed this course. Each lesson is pretty short and easy to implement in your arsenal. I had a lot of trouble with tie-ups and wrestling but Darryl's great at demystifying the initial exchange. In judo or even gi jiujitsu everything starts with a grip, so it's kind of the same idea here. Unless you can get a shot off in the open you're going to eventually need a handle and Darryl teaches you how to do that and what to do from there. If you're tired of being a filthy butt scooter and you want to learn how to wrestle I'd start here.

I was in a tournament recently vs a purple belt (i`m a white belt) and I lost 2-0 and I would say I did as well as I did because of this course as most of the match was on the feet.
This course just did so much for my stand up game. I still struggle vs the college wrestlers but people of equal skill/time I definitely have an advantage now. My take downs still need a lot of work but I`m winning all the grip battles or vs the D1 guys & brown/black belts I at least understand why I`m losing.


What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding The Importance Of Grip Fighting
  • Dominating Your Opponent In A Stand Up Game
  • Breaking Grips Effectively
  • Setting Up Attacks

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