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Collar Sleeve Guard

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When was the last time you survived a whole round without getting your guard passed? What about a whole training session? You see, this might sound obvious, but the key to not getting your guard passed is picking one guard to play during training, and getting really good at it… what better way to do so than having a full course to study right here, right now. Learn today, and practice on the mats tomorrow.

The Road To An Impassable Open Guard

Richard Bukovcsan, a European brown belt under East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy is here to take you under his wing and teach his most important details on how to play the collar sleeve guard beyond your opponent’s guard passing capabilities.

Fun Fact: Richy never got his guard passed in competition in his weight class at blue, purple, or brown belt.

Target Audience

  • For white and blue belts dipping their toes into the world of open guards.
  • For purple, brown, and black belts looking to expand their knowledge and discover more options from the collar sleeve guard.
  • For professors worldwide interested in teaching their students the latest in one of the most used open guards.
  • For people having a hard time passing the collar sleeve guard, you must know it to defend it.
  • For people who like playing spider guard, lasso guard, and de la riva guard.
  • For lightweight purple belts that hate half guard.

Course Curriculum


Collar Sleeve Guard Entries (Standing)

Collar Sleeve Guard Entries (Sitting)

Submissions From Collar Sleeve Guard

Sweeps From Collar Sleeve Guard

Collar & Sleeve Guard Must Knows – Transitions

Recovering If Things Go Wrong


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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1 year ago
Amazing details to simplify attacks and transitions, love rich's systematic approach to collar sleeve
1 year ago
1 year ago
good content
Andrew Quinn
1 year ago
Very comprehensive overview of the guard great explanation As I’m relatively new to collar sleeve guard 🤙🏻
1 year ago
Really great Collar Sleeve details! Clear and well explained steps to follow incorporating some key transitions, subs and sweeps. Would fully recommend!!
1 year ago
Great comprehensive tutorial on collar sleeve. Richie not only covers entries, submissions and sweeps, but the transitions between them, along with recoveries. Each video is well explained and viewed from multiple angles. Nice one Richie!
Course level:Beginner

What I will learn?

  • Getting to collar sleeve from standing & sitting
  • Basic controlling tips
  • Multiple ways to attack the omoplata
  • Multiple ways to attack the triangle choke
  • Sweeping options
  • Combining collar sleeve guard with de la riva, and de la x guard
  • Learning how to use the shallow and deep lasso

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