Colton Smith’s Takedown & Front Headlock System

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Are you failing consistently at your takedown attempts? Or do your knees suddenly melt like butter when you’re forced to do stand up in class? 

What better way to learn a takedown system than from Ultimate Fighter winner and No-Gi extraordinaire Colton Smith. 

Know exactly where your head, hands and hips should be in this simplified system that progresses from beginner to advanced variations of takedown. Not only that, this course also includes a variety of headlocks BUT not just any type of headlock, HIGH SUCCESS RATE headlocks, guaranteed to have both your opponent tap and then ask you how you did it post match.

Target Audience

  • People who want to increase their rate of takedown success
  • For those who may not be super confident in their stand up game
  • For the grappler looking to start a match with 2 points on their side of the scoreboard
  • For those who have an irrational fear of takedowns
  • People looking for takedowns applicable to self defense, jiu jitsu and MMA

Course curriculum

21 Lessons




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What Will I Learn?

  • Key takedown details
  • Variations of takedowns
  • Countering your opponents’ defenses
  • A variety of headlocks from different positions
  • How to secure a finish

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