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How secure do you feel playing guard when your opponents are trying to overpower you? A guard system that can be trusted to provide effective protection will be essential in these fast-paced situations. Mastering the timing and tactics of this system can take time, but Felipe’s latest release, “De La Pedia – De La Riva Encyclopedia” will equip you with the skills necessary for success.


No more need for unnecessary risks – this is your solution. Instead of losing because of a small mistake in a chaotic situation, learn how to execute your moves accurately and take control of the game. With the right skills, you can take control of the game and lead it in the direction you want.


As a seasoned competitor and expert in the Dela riva guard, Felipe has developed a comprehensive system for maintaining control and dominating from Dela riva position. “De la Pedia – De La Riva Encyclopedia” isn’t just a concept – it’s a wealth of sequences like the collar and sleeve Dela riva, Dela riva x, and more. With his systematic method, you will quickly learn the control points, sweeps, and backtakes that will make your Dela riva guard as powerful as it can get. And make sure to check out the cherry on top – Counter Attacks listed as the last part of the course, as this will get you prepared for any situation. With troubleshooting, you’ll quickly learn how to stabilize attacks and control your opponent.


Enroll today to get your access to complete Dela riva guidelines, “De la Pedia” With this course, you will dominate against anybody anywhere.

Target Audience

  • Those who want to increase their dela riva guard attack options
  • Those who want to incorporate effective and strategic techniques into their guard game
  • Those who want to enhance their ability to transition between guards smoothly
  • Those who want to explore multiple back take entries

Course Curriculum

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Basic Dela Riva Control and Sweeps

Collar And Sleeve Dela Riva

Collar And Ankle Dela Riva

Dela riva X

Counter Attacks


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Anton Valianos
1 year ago
Good course, but videos are too shoort
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Open guard concepts and fundamentals
  • Collar and Sleeve control Dela riva
  • Collar and Ankle control Dela riva
  • Dela Riva X
  • Troubleshoot and perfect Dela riva guard
  • Sweeps from the Dela riva guard
  • Backtakes from the Dela riva guard
  • Berimbolo
  • Ways to off-balance efficiently

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