Drill’in Til I Die

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Have you ever found yourself spending lots of time and energy sweeping your opponents, just to find yourself tangled up in their guard? You can’t even seem to not get swept back, let alone passing their complex guard. Speed and athleticism are good portion of the passing game, but most importantly having THE right approach to it matters more than anything. 


If you can relate to this frustration, we have some great news for you. Felipe Simplicio, a god-sent jiu jitsu black belt competitor has just released a course called “Drill’in Til I Die” that is specifically designed to help any jiu jitsu practitioner overcome this terrifying problem.


In his latest course, “Drill’in Til I Die,”  you will learn everything you need to know about passing complex and frustrating guards. From basic footwork to advanced techniques, he will show you how to approach the guard with the right mindset and strategy. You will also learn how to develop the confidence you need to succeed on the mat.


With “Drill’in Til I Die”, your training partners will be left with nothing but fear and frustration. They will see that nothing they do seems to work against you. And you will be able to dominate in any position, no matter how good their guard is.


Do yourself a huge favor and make this SMALL investment, and see the BIG result ASAP!


Target Audience

  • Those who want to enhance their ability to pass open guards
  • Those who want to learn how to properly approach different guards
  • Those who want to get more comfortable passing complex guards

Course Curriculum

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Basic Drill

Passing Drill

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What I will learn?

  • Passing concepts and fundamentals
  • Footwork Drill
  • Passing styles against multiple different scenarios
  • How to deal with Open guard

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