Fishnet – A Sweeping And Back Taking System

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There’s a 99.9% chance nobody in your jiu jitsu academy knows how to fishnet their way to the top or the back… nevermind how to stop you from doing it!

Inside this course, Canadian Shane Fishman, a black belt under East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy in Dublin, Ireland is here to teach you his extremely unique guard style which he turned into a sweeping and back taking system.

Practice the fishnet techniques shown in the lessons below to become immune to knee cuts, top half guard pressure, backsteps, and develop a sweeping and back taking system just like Shane’s.

Once you catch the fish in the net, it’s game over.

Course Curriculum


Basic Fishnet Entries

The 2 Main Fishnet Sweeps

The Fishnet Backtake

Submission From The Fishnet

Countering Fishnet Escapes

More Fishnet Details

More Fishnet Entries


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